At the Pilgrim’s Baptist Church, the work of God is supported by the generous giving of people just like you. In big and small ways, people are giving sacrificially so that Jesus can be made known in our communities and around the world.
If you would like to give your
regular offering on-line or if you are a one-time giver, just click on the GIVE button to log into our secure giving system and follow the prompts. 
A note regarding online giving, the church is charged a 3% bank fee for transactions that are paid using a credit card, and only 1% for Automatic Clearinghouse (ACH) bank-to bank transactions. We encourage givers to select the ACH option, if convenient. This is completed by entering your bank router number and bank account number. Thank you!
Thank you for giving to the Lord through
this church. May the Lord richly bless you!
Your tax exempt contribution directly supports missions, your church and our community. 
Checks may be made payable to: Pilgrim’s Baptist Church
27 Chase Hill Rd.
Ashaway, RI 02804
(401) 377-6077